how we are different

A Different Kind of Bankruptcy Attorney

Personal attention to our clients is our number one priority. We have a very high customer satisfaction rate because of the personal attention we pay to each client. At our office, you have the same bankruptcy attorney throughout your entire case. We do not have satellite offices – you meet with the same attorney at one office every time.

We offer convenient hours and are available evenings and weekends for a free one hour initial consultation with the attorney. We have reasonable fees which are stated in advanced in writing, with no hidden costs.

Clients meet with the attorney every time they come in. When they bring back their completed paperwork, and when the final documents are ready for signatures, he reviews them with the clients and gives them more advice as needed. He represents his clients at each hearing and does not ask other attorneys to stand in to represent his clients. We also assist our clients when creditors violate their rights and are available to our clients long after their case is done, should any questions come up.


I have known and dealt with many attorneys over the 40 years I worked with the court. I have seen o.k. ones, about 85% of them, some really bad ones, and others (very few), that I would hire if the need arose. I will tell you that Tom is one of the latter.

The day I had my meeting in Tampa, I watched three hours of cases heard by three different trustees. Tom was the only attorney present who had prepared his client, me, adequately, only one of two who bothered to open his file, and the only one who had prepared himself and was conversant on his cases, mine, and the others that had been heard that day. You should go one day and watch. It is quite a treat.

I also appreciated your work on my case. You also knew the case, had ready answers to my questions and were always pleasant.

Thank you so much. I will recommend the two of you whenever I have the opportunity. Thanks again, -Cheryl R.